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At Sahuarita Premier Dentistry, we provide patients with complete dental services under one roof. Proper diagnosis and treatment planning are part of complete care. We can accurately diagnose and treat our patients in Sahuarita, AZ using the latest digital technology. Getting a full image of the smile allows us to see dental problems and target treatment to improve the patient’s oral health. 

Dental Technology in Sahuarita, Arizona

Our Dental Technology in Sahuarita, AZ

Some of the dental technologies we use to plan treatment and diagnose our patients include: 

Digital Dental X-rays

Modern digital x-rays provide a more detailed image of the smile. Digital dental x-rays emit less radiation than traditional x-rays and allow us to save and send x-rays. We take x-rays at regular dental appointments to find emerging dental problems and help diagnose patients if they currently have oral health issues.


Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) uses a cone-shaped beam to capture dental images. When we take these scans, the CBCT machine rotates around patients to take many pictures of their smiles. CBCT scans capture the teeth, gums, nerves, jaw, and other parts of the mouth we cannot see with the naked eye. These three-dimensional scans are particularly helpful during treatment planning. With CBCT scans, we can also find dental problems within teeth or beneath the gum tissue. 


Our CEREC technology allows our team to provide same-day crowns, meaning we can take dental impressions and provide crowns for patients on the same visit. Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, or CEREC, uses accurate dental scans and software to customize dental crowns for patients with damaged and worn teeth. During the dental crown process, we take scans of the mouth and use software to plan the crown restorations. Then, the software sends a precise image of the crowns to the milling machine. 

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With modern technology at Sahuarita Premier Dentistry, receive professional, dedicated, and complete dental care. Call our office for a consultation at 520-412-9162. You may also schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Jordan Morris online today. Please let Dr. Morris know if you have any questions about your treatment options; he’s here to help!