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About Our Sahuarita, AZ, Dental Office

Welcome to the office of Dr. Jordan Morris. Dr. Morris is a restorative and general dentist that collaborates with patients to create functional, beautiful smiles. Dr. Morris can provide complete health care for patients under one roof with his full general, restorative, and cosmetic treatments. Our office also uses the latest and improved dental technology to diagnose and treat dental issues.

Dr. Morris helps patients maintain healthy smiles with regular dental care. Routine dental visits in Dr. Morris’ office keep patients healthy and allow Dr. Morris to target oral health issues before they worsen. Dr. Morris is dedicated to helping his patients find the right dental treatments customized to their needs.

Why Should You Choose Our Sahuarita, AZ Dental Office?

Dr. Morris works with patients individually, meaning he collaborates with them throughout their care. No matter the patient’s needs, Dr. Morris is here to deliver comfortable care with lasting results. There are three main types of dentistry that Dr. Morris provides in Sahuarita:

  • Restorative Dental Care: Dr. Morris offers high-quality dental restorations for his patients. His dental experience allows him to take a comprehensive approach to care. No matter your treatment, Dr. Morris will work with you to find and target your dental problems with intuitive treatment. Known as the golden standard for restoring and completely replacing one or more missing teeth, implant dentistry is a large part of restorative dentistry. Crowns are also durable restorations that can cover implants, secure bridges, and strengthen weakened teeth. From implant-secured restorations to dental crowns and more, restorative care renews the smile’s function.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Aesthetic dental care creates brighter, straighter, and more balanced smiles. If you have multiple cosmetic problems, we will recommend a smile makeover. Smile makeovers utilize several cosmetic treatments to address patient goals. For instance, if a patient wants straighter and whiter teeth, we will recommend Invisalign, followed by professional whitening treatment. Patients can benefit from any combination of cosmetic treatments. 
  • General Dental Services: Overall oral health care, or general dental care, may seem simple. However, general dentistry is an important part of preventing future dental problems. With general dental treatments, we can help patients keep their smiles healthy and stop problems like tooth damage, missing teeth, and dental infections. 

Dental Office FAQs

We welcome patients to learn more about our office and routine care with answers to these popular questions:

Do you accept new patients?

Yes, Dr. Morris accepts new patients. Please call 520.412.9162 or request an appointment online if you would like to schedule a dental visit.

Why should I get a dental cleaning every six months?

Professional dental cleanings are more thorough than at-home care. Our hygienists use stainless steel tools to remove bacterial buildup for the best clean possible. Regular visits also allow us to check your oral health and find any developing problems. Even if you are in good oral health, a regular dental visit ensures you stay healthy. 

What must I do if it’s been a long time since my last dental visit?

We recommend that patients who have not visited the dentist in a long time schedule a visit. Our dental office is a judgment-free space where we want patients to feel comfortable. If you have dental anxiety, we encourage you to bring music or a family member to help calm your nerves. We can also recommend sedation to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible during treatment. Under dental sedation, you will feel relaxed and will also not feel any pain.

Contact our Sahuarita Dental Office Today

Are you looking for a dental office that caters to your needs? Call Dr. Morris for complete dental care at 520.412.9162. You can also schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Morris online. If you have any questions for Dr. Morris, please let him know at your next dental visit. He will be glad to answer your questions. For inspiration, you can also check out patient reviews for our Sahuarita, AZ, dental office.