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General Dentistry Sahuarita, AZ

Has it been some time since your last dental visit? Are you looking for a dental office that provides dental cleanings, x-rays, and other key general dental services in Sahuarita, AZ? The office of Dr. Jordan Morris can help you get the care you need. Regular dental care and general dental treatments help prevent the need for complex dental care. Over time, as dental problems worsen, patients often require more invasive procedures. General dental services that preserve oral health stop this progression.

General Dentist in Sahuarita, Arizona

Why Are Regular Dental Visits Important?

We provide dental cleanings, exams, and X-rays during routine dental appointments. These services maintain the smile and also allow us to discover developing dental problems. Sometimes, as dental problems progress, they can be hard to notice. Regular appointments help Dr. Morris catch oral health issues early. 

Sugary foods and drinks can contribute to dental cavities and poor oral hygiene. Routine dental cleanings are an important part of cavity prevention. Dental caries or cavities form due to harmful bacteria that build in the mouth. Bacteria feed on sugars and starches in the mouth, producing digestive acids that break down the enamel. Good oral hygiene and regular professional dental cleanings prevent cavities from damaging teeth. Over time, some patients can lose their teeth if they have severe tooth decay.

General Dentistry in Sahuarita, AZ

Our general dental treatments help reinforce good oral health habits and prevent problems like dental injuries, infections, and even tooth loss. Treatments can include:

Custom Mouthguards

Wearing a custom sports mouthguard protects the teeth and gums from hits to the face. Custom-made mouthguards also feel more comfortable and stay in the mouth, so patients don’t need to clench their teeth to protect their smiles. 

Emergency Dentistry

Call our office for emergency dental care if you have a sudden or severe dental problem. With emergency dental services, we can plan treatments to replace missing teeth, address bleeding, and replace broken restorations.

Family Dentistry

Our family-friendly dental office provides dental care for every stage of life. From fluoride and sealants to complete dental restorations, we can meet the needs of patients of all ages. We provide family dentistry services to prevent dental problems.

Dental Sedation

Sedation dentistry provides comfortable, relaxing patient care during oral surgery or lengthy dental procedures. Under dental sedation, patients feel relaxed and may even fall asleep, depending on the type of sedation.

Tooth Extraction

If we cannot save an infected or impacted tooth, we will recommend a tooth extraction. We ensure patients feel comfortable during extraction treatment with local anesthesia or sedation. Removing impacted wisdom teeth can prevent tooth damage, and replacing severely infected teeth with durable implants prevents the spread of infection. 

General Dental FAQs

We welcome you to discover more about general dentistry with answers to these popular questions:

Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Although we will remove wisdom teeth in most cases, sometimes, patients will not require wisdom teeth removal. We will remove wisdom teeth if they cause pain or discomfort. Additionally, we will remove wisdom teeth if they impact other natural teeth and have trouble emerging properly.

Are dental cleanings painful?

Professional dental cleanings should not hurt. Gum sensitivity or tooth pain is often a sign of a dental problem like gum disease, tooth wear, or decay. Please let us know if you feel pain during your cleaning, and we will examine your smile for these problems.

How do I know if I require urgent dental care?

Common dental emergencies include severe pain, continuous bleeding, lost teeth, and broken restorations. However, if you have a medical problem that requires care first, contact a hospital. After your medical treatment, we can provide dental care. 

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