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Are you missing rows of permanent teeth? Do you have an old denture and need a new replacement? Ask our team about treatment with dentures. Full and partial dentures provide complete restorative dental care for patients with rows or arches of permanent missing teeth. Dr. Jordan Morris helps patients replace their missing teeth with dentures in Sahuarita, AZ for fuller, more functional smiles. 

Dentures in Sahuarita, Arizona

What are Common Types of  Dentures?

Dentures can be partial or complete. Partial dentures replace multiple teeth, often rows of teeth in different smile areas.  Full or complete dentures replace full upper or lower rows of teeth. 

Immediate or same-day dentures are an option for some patients who require tooth extraction treatment. During this treatment, a dentist extracts the remaining severely decayed or damaged teeth and provides patients with a temporary denture until the permanent denture is complete. 

Dental implants can also secure dentures in place. Implants are titanium posts that replace tooth roots. Implants offer a more functional alternative to traditional removable dentures. Patients who choose implant-secured dentures benefit from fewer dietary restrictions, healthier bone and gum tissue, and no fear of slipping or dentures falling out of their mouth. Some patients also benefit from hybrid dentures that lay on the gums but use implants to stay in the mouth.

Denture Treatment in Sahuarita, AZ

We create a thorough treatment plan before creating dental restorations. Because every patient is different and may benefit from one denture treatment over another, we will review options with patients to plan the right restoration for their needs.

We take x-rays of the smile to determine if patients have enough jaw bone for implant treatment. Additionally, we can recommend bone grafting services for patients who do not initially have enough bone for implants. We can also provide temporary dentures, whether patients choose traditional or implant-secured dentures, so they will not go without support. 

Dental implants will require more time as the implants require time to fuse with the jaw bone. Ultimately, dental implants will provide more stability and help retain healthy bone and gum tissue. We help ensure that patients are candidates before treatment to receive the most functional restoration possible. 

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