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TMJ Treatment Sahuarita, AZ

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) are bite disorders that occur when there is stress or damage to the joints that connect the skull and jaw bone. Patients with TMJ disorders often experience pain in the face and jaw. Over time, TMD symptoms lead to tooth wear, teeth grinding, headaches, and difficulty chewing. 

Dr. Jordan Morris provides restorative dental care for TMD patients with custom nightguards. Discover more about TMJ disorders and how to address painful symptoms like headaches and bruxism in our office. 

Treat TMJ in Sahuarita, Arizona

Do I Have a TMJ Disorder?

TMD can manifest in many ways:

  • Teeth clenching and grinding (bruxism) 
  • Pain when eating hard or crunchy foods
  • Chronic headaches and migraines
  • Earaches
  • Tooth pain and wear
  • Jaw pain (in the joints and muscles)

Let Dr. Morris know if you experience any of these symptoms. You may have a TMJ disorder. It’s important to receive TMD treatment before symptoms worsen and make eating and yawning painful. TMJ disorders affect everyday activities and often lead patients to avoid certain foods because of their eating discomfort.

Treat TMJ Disorders in Sahuarita, AZ

Custom nightguards benefit patients with bruxism as a result of TMD. Bruxism, or teeth clenching and grinding, can occur unconsciously during sleep. Over time, bruxism causes patients more pain and wears down the natural tooth enamel. Wearing a custom-made nightguard puts the lower jaw forward and helps patients stop clenching and grinding their teeth unconsciously.

Custom nightguards can also combat problems like morning headaches. Dr. Morris may also recommend a soft diet and physical therapy for TMD patients. Eating soft foods breaks the jaw, relieving pressure from the joints and muscles. Physical therapy can help patients relieve TMJ pain with exercise to release tension in the face, jaw, shoulders, and back. 

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Do you think you may be developing a TMJ disorder? Request a dental consultation with Dr. Morris online or call 520.412.9162 for care today. If you have any questions about your current symptoms or concerns, please let Dr. Morris know, and he will be glad to help you find the best treatment for your needs.